We are humble, purposeful innovators by nature. our passion is in creating exceptional, honest goods.we aspire: to inspire...

with the highest esteem for doing good, we will stick to our word, doing what we say we'll do:

To truly make a difference; leading the way, as a spear carves an unshakable path towards its target.
to create. beauty. style. quality. pride. desire. to inspire...
to bring products to market that are considered; challenging the norms and taking the path less traveled. we'll consider our resources and consider how those products may affect the future.
to innovate and push boundaries, creatively. to refute the mediocre and lead by example: fire in our eyes and fire in our hearts. to rewrite the rules on what success means.

All while blazing a trail traveled by few...and not for the faint of heart.

we hope our values inspire you:

matt shultz
cage the elephant
paul kaufman